About us

Our Story

We are a small team of people who believe that sustainable environmentally friendly products can be affordable.


Our first product tackles the problem of the horrible thin plastic bags and plastic mesh bags we all get when we buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. In our own trips to the store, we have found that we can end up with 10 or more of these plastic bags in our weekly shop. This is in addition to all of the non-recyclable packaging that most packaged foods come in. So we decided to work toward making a difference where we can, by making an affordable, practical environmentally sustainable produce bag that we can use over and over again.


After researching cloth bag producers, we found one in India who was willing to work with us to ensure that every step of an Ova Bag bag’s production meets international environmental and workplace standards. Our producer has the following certifications: GOTS, Oeko-Tex, SA8000, Fair Trade, FSC (packaging).


Ova Bag fresh produce muslin and mesh bags are perfect for buying loose fruit, vegetables, bread, nuts, rice, and dried beans. We’ve also been known to use them for carrying around spare clothes for our kids.


Caring for Your Bags

Your bags are 100% cotton and will shrink up to 25% when washed. Your bags should be washed only when necessary in cold water, and line dried. Minimizing washing will extend the life of your bags.


Bag Repair

While an Ova Bag product should last many years, life happens.


If your bag gets torn, don’t throw it out. If your bag wears out, don’t throw it out. Unless your bag has been well and truly eaten by the dog, don’t throw it out, get it repaired by an Ova Bag Care Expert instead.


Why do we have Bag Care Experts? We all have busy lives, and don’t always have the time to sit down and mend something. Which is why the Ova Bag team includes skilled Bag Care experts who will assess your bags, and if repairable, will repair them for you for a minimal fee. Follow this link for more information: Bag Care Services (coming soon).


Or, if you want to learn how to repair your Ova Bag yourself, see our Care Videos for repair suggestions. (coming soon)


Your Bag’s End of Life

Because your Ova Bag bags are 100% cotton, when properly disposed of, they can biodegrade. However, we have been advised that any textile containing dye (Ova Bag tags) should not be included in compost. More information on how to compost and dispose of your Ova Bag at the end of its life is coming soon.

Our Team

Daniela Vojvodova Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ova Bag, has worked in international market research for the last 17 years in the EU, the Czech Republic and the UK. She is and has been responsible for international and domestic projects, overseeing the design and implementation of surveys from inception to completion, and has played a major role in introducing and streamlining online processes. She also owns a local Czech cleaning company PILNE RUCE s.r.o.

Karla Vojvodova, Ova Bag Care Expert,  is a very active pensioner, and needle and thread has always been part of her life. When she was a young mum with two small children, textiles were scarce in the Czech Republic. This meant that she spent every free moment at her sewing machine making clothes for her two children, herself and her husband. Scarcity also meant that nothing was ever thrown away at home, it was either upcycled or mended. She did this in addition to her full-time job with local firm MSA, a.s., first as a personal assistant, later as a buyer and lastly as customs agent.

Why Are We Called Ova Bag?

After a significant amount of messaging back and forth, we decided on the name Ova Bag because the word “ova” evokes many ideas that we feel connected to.


“Ova” is what you add to the end of a woman’s surname in Czech. The “ova” in Daniela Vojvodova indicates that this person is female. Ova Bag was founded by two women, one of who is Czech, so using “ova” ties us to Daniela’s culture.


“Ova” is the abbreviation for Ostrava, the capital city of the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic, where Ova Bag is based.


Ova is the plural form of ovum, the egg cell or female reproductive cell. In many cultures the egg, or ovum, is a symbol of new beginnings. We hope that Ova Bag can be part of a new age of truly affordable, eco-responsible consumerism.

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