Bag Care

Caring for Your Bags

Before Use

Before using your bags, wash them in cold water, then line dry them.


Your bags are 100% cotton and will shrink up to 25% when washed. Your bags should be washed only when necessary in cold water, and line dried. Minimizing washing will extend the life of your bags. If your bags don’t need to be washed, we recommend hanging them outside on a sunny day to air them. The natural process of photodegredation will assist in slowly removing any stains that may be on the bags from normal use, and a light breeze or wind will help clear out any bits of food that might be caught in the seams.

Bag Repair

While an Ova Bag product should last many years, life happens.

If your bag gets torn, don’t throw it out. If your bag wears out, don’t throw it out. Unless your bag has been well and truly eaten by the dog, don’t throw it out – get it repaired by an Ova Bag Care Expert.

Why do we have an Ova Bag Care Expert? We all have busy lives, and don’t always have the time to sit down and mend something. Which is why the Ova Bag team includes a skilled Bag Care expert who will assess your bags, and if repairable, will repair them for you for a minimal fee. Follow this link for more information: Bag Care Services (coming soon).

Or, if you want to learn how to repair your Ova Bag yourself, see our Care Videos for repair suggestions (coming soon).